Who We Are

who we are

NUIT A&RT NUAMPS (Northwestern University Advanced Media Production Studio) is a professional production team within Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT), Academic & Research Technologies, dedicated to the service and advancement of multimedia applications in teaching and research.

featured project

Course Nuggets: A Production Experiment for ECON 310


NUIT  has been working in conjunction with faculty member Professor Jeff Ely to produce a series of educational videos to augment the learning experience for students in Professor Ely’s class. This project is part of a larger initiative of NUIT  to provide a service to faculty members in which asynchronous video content is produced to enhance the out-of-class learning experience for Northwestern students. Jeff has found these videos to be largely successful in strengthening his curriculum, and NUIT believes that extending this production service to other faculty members could provide students with a more progressive way to ingest classroom materials. A gallery of the videos produced for Jeff can be found here.


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